2012 Renault Master Range Update


Renault Master Range Updated for 2012

The Renault Master has been with us for 22 years now, and in its latest incarnation it has remained unchanged since 2010. It has proved to be quite successful, with a fair few of them out and about, doing their thing on the streets of Europe's cities.

For 2012, Renault have given the Master a few equipment changes (new audio system) and the introduction of air suspension. Also, they have revised the engine range, reducing the environmental impact of its 2.3-liter turbodiesel, which comes in three power outputs: 100-hp, 125-hp and 150-hp. Another new addition for the 2012 Master is the towing equipment, which will allow the towing of up to a maximum of 3.5 tonnes, for all versions of the vehicle.

They claim to have reduced fuel consumption by up to 0.6l/100km to around 7.5l/100km (37 UK mpg) while reducing CO2 emissions by up to 16g/km. With the addition of the air suspension system, the new Renault Master would be perfect for use as an ambulance, as it surely offers a better ride than leaf springs ever could.

Furthermore, you can now buy the Master in Pearlescent Black, a color which really sets it apart from other similar vans commercial vehicles - just being different in a sea of white, when driving a van commercial vehicle is definitely interesting.